Editor’s View

Published 10 /15/17, PRG Fall/ Holiday Edition 

This issue, the Fall/Holiday issue, is typically about the holiday season and invariably revolves around family and community and giving and sharing. This year, this seems so much more relevant given the catastrophic events of the past few months. From recent hurricanes and earthquakes to the fires that erupted all over Nevada and neighboring counties and the devastation wrought by a single human being, the need for community has never been greater. And never has community risen to the challenge more quickly or with stronger action.

Our greatest strength in the face of any challenge is our connection to each other and the willingness to stand together. We at the PRG want to pledge our support for all those who stand for community, unity, and respect. This is the season to remember and renew our responsibilities to each other. Together we can face down any demon, whatever shape it may take.

On a lighter note, but along the same theme, the 4th Annual Parents’ Choice Awards (the PCAs) are still open for voting – but only until December 1! Please take a moment and share your recommendations for the best family-friendly businesses and organizations in our community. Let’s support the people who work so hard to provide quality services and make this community great. The winners will again be announced in the Winter issue of the PRG in January.

This issue offers a special section of seasonal events as a quick reference guide to local tours, benefits, concerts, ballets, and parties. In the theme of giving, we have an article about encouraging a giving nature in our children, followed by a wish list from some of our nonprofit organizations to give children (and parents) ideas on how to start a giving tradition. Other articles range from seasonal gardening and the benefit for children to how to keep children learning during the seasonal vacations. In addition, if you’re considering a road trip with your children this season, we have some helpful tips to make it a fun and memorable trip.

So, as usual, our community has provided wonderful articles and useful information. Hopefully, this will add to your enjoyment of the season. Everyone at the PRG wishes you a season of hope and happiness, unity and love, and balance and blessings.

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