Editor’s View

Published 01 /15/18, PRG Winter Edition
The 4th Annual Parents’ Choice Awards (the PCAs) are ready to be revealed. Take a moment to look at our community’s recommendations for the best family-friendly businesses and organizations in our area. Congratulations to all the winners who work so hard to provide quality services and make this community great. If you don’t see your favorites listed, remember to vote when the new voting season opens May 5.

Another event planned for May 5 is the 7th Annual Summer Camp and Activities Fair. Mark your calendar and make some time on that Saturday if you have some summertime gaps to fill! Visit and talk with directors and teachers so that you can find those perfect activities for your children this summer.

As this magazine issue comes out as we usher the New Year in, there is a nod to resolutions. “Skip the Guilt” is a quick way to focus more on healthy eating habits versus feeling guilty about sticking – or not – to arbitrary resolutions.

Other articles provide tips on how to keep many of the important aspects of our lives functioning, healthy, and/or happy. These articles seem to revolve around relationships – be they parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, humans and animals and even cars and their owners.   

Even though the season is technically winter for a bit longer, there are still ways to engage children in the garden. Help them plan for a new season of flowers or plant bulbs early for a colorful spring. In addition, our new superintendent of schools has provided an article on the many programs that the Superintendent of Schools Office offers to our students – and there’s quite a few!

The list goes on, as our community has once again provided wonderful articles and useful information. Hopefully, this will make the transition from winter to spring a fun one.

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