Top ten tips for fun outings with children

Published in the Summer PRG 2017
By Debra Gutierrez

As a follow-up to our Tips for Fun Outings with Children in the Spring issue, here a few more suggestions to keep things fun, interesting, and safe. Whether taking a quick walk down one of our many trails or going all-out on an overnight camping trip, consider these ideas from

1. Keep Safe: Bring a whistle, flashlight, and plenty of water (especially if camping or hiking)

2. Respect Wildlife: Ask park rangers about wildlife activity in the area you are visiting, inquire about any precautions, and be mindful of treating flora and fauna with respect.

3. Notice Nature: Look for wildlife, find bugs, examine rocks, identify birds and flowers. Name clouds. Bring a field guide to learn about what you find.

4. Be Flexible: Try to keep your kids active without following a regimented schedule. If they’re entertained by skipping rocks on the water, give them time to perfect the multiple-skip fling.

5. Go Geocaching: A GPS-guided treasure hunt engages kids physically and mentally.

6. Bring Fun Games: Try a paddleball set, marshmallow launcher, animal-shaped flashlights, foot bags, and educational games like “Pass the Pigs” or “Why Knot?”

7. Bring Flying Toys: Kites, lighted discs, and Djubi balls.

8. Make Ice Cream: Have some low-tech fun with a boot-around plastic ball that doubles as an ice cream maker.

9. Bring Water Fun: One example is glowing, multicolor flying discs.

10. Bring a Camera: Share memories of your time together.

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