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Nevada & Placer County Families

The 4th Annual Parents’ Choice Awards (the PCAs) are ready to be revealed. Take a moment to look at our community’s recommendations for the best family-friendly businesses and organizations in our area. Congratulations to all the winners who work so hard to provide quality services and make this community great. If you don’t see your favorites listed, remember to vote when the new voting season opens May 5.

Another event planned for May 5 is the 7th Annual Summer Camp and Activities Fair. Mark your calendar and make some time on that Saturday if you have some summertime gaps to fill! Visit and talk with directors and teachers so that you can find those perfect activities for your children this summer.

Check out the “Editors View” for more information and a full description of the Winter issue.

Did you miss out on advertising with us for our Winter issue? Our upcoming “Spring” issue featuring our community summer camps is just around the corner. Please call or email us to reserve your ad space today.